A Letter to the Residents of the Edmonton Catholic School District #73

Dear Fellow Separate School Supporters,

At this time of decision, I would like to request your support in the upcoming election for the Catholic School Board. Through your action, I can attempt to serve your interests as well as the concerns of Catholic Education. The appreciation of the great benefits of Catholic Education in the holistic development of the individual human person and of our Society in general is in danger of being diminished.

Two issues seem to be of great importance namely, spreading the Word of God and seeing the Face of Jesus in all individuals.

1) A Catholic School is where the Word of God may be heard

Recent statements reported in the media make it appear as if some portions of our civil society have, to a large extent, determined that Catholic Education has little value or that, even worse in these days of “the bottom line”, the existence of Catholic Schools detracts from and makes fewer resources available for secular Public Education.

Canon Law (797) states that,

“parents must have real freedom in their choice of schools. For this reason Christ’s faithful must be watchful that the civil society acknowledges this freedom of parents and, in accordance with the requirements of distributive justice, even provides them with assistance.”

As such, the precious gift of the Separate School System in Alberta requires nurturing and must not be taken for granted. The Catholic System must demonstrate its value in assisting its students to develop their talents physically, morally, intellectually and spiritually in a harmonious manner. The students will then attain a greater sense of responsibility and preparedness to take their active part in societal life. The Board must also foster cordial relationships at all levels of corporate responsibility.

 2) A Catholic School is where the Face of Jesus may be seen in all people.

When we see the face of Jesus in all of God’s creations, respect and good judgment follow because Jesus was inclusive of all.  Formation and education in the Catholic School must be faithful to the principles of Catholic doctrine, but above all it must be witness to the Truth who is Jesus. Jesus gave us a new commandment that is to, “Love one another; just as I have loved you“.

If I am elected to serve I undertake to build on my past experience to continue to promote Catholic Education and to bring  local issues to the Board. I am available to hear your concerns and suggestions by E-mail .

Yours sincerely,

Peter Davis

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