Trustee Forum Q&A

I was recently interviewed by the Edmonton Catholic Teachers of Local 54 to answer the questions that faculty and parents are asking alike.

All candidates were asked to address the following concerns.

  1. Describe what it means to be a school trustee.

    A Catholic School Trustee is a member of a board who governs in a manner similar to board members on any publicly funded School Board, but also is an individual to whom is entrusted by the Church and the electorate the serious responsibility of an essentially Catholic governance and oversight of our Catholic school districts. They are also trusted to share the faith with administration, teachers, students and the community.

  2. What challenges do you see for Catholic education?

    As reported in, “ “Right now, I think the Catholic school board is challenged on a couple fronts,” “One, there’s talk about the necessity or not of a separate school system in Alberta. Two is, the board has to create an inclusive environment while remaining consistent with Catholic doctrine, and that’s a challenge.”

  3. How will you address the needs of the complex classroom?

    At the Calgary Board of Education complex needs refers to students diagnosed with:

    Cognitive developmental disabilities
    Autism spectrum disorders
    Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
    Physical disabilities/special health needs

    Complex needs then describes students with life-long impairments that are attributable to mental, neurological and/or physical disabilities. An innumerable variety of complex conditions and needs exist. Programming and supports for students diagnosed with conditions, which have a mild to severe impact on cognitive, academic and adaptive functioning, is presumably provided at some level by the Edmonton Catholic School Board. As a Board member, I would support programming for students with exceptional and special needs. Although in reality every student has unique needs, so personalized support for every student is an ideal goal.


To read the whole article and for election information, visit the Edmonton Catholic Teachers website

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